“The Katha” Word Derived by Great Hindu gods and saints, “Katha” Means divine elocution of god. We develop society through the divine Katha of god.
Our Motive is to develop Spirituality, Ethical Values, and Developing Individuals in Society through “The Divine Katha”.Because Katha is the elocution of god, Katha is the episodes from the life of god,so Katha teaches us the art of living, Katha develops ethical values, morals and spirituality in life of human, So We takes our name Sardhar Katha.

The Higher Values never imbibe without listening Katha or without taking part in spiritual discourse. Listening the katha of scriptures is the foremost in “Nine Folded Devotion(Navdha Bhakti)”, One Who listen the katha, will develops all eight types of devotion(Bhakti) Simualteniously.

Supreme Lord Swaminarayan (VachnamrutGadhpur Last Chapter 24th)